Hiring an architect as a consultant, while searching for properties, can save you time & money. An expert at your side will help you better evaluate and assess which properties have opportunities that suit your needs. With the leadership of our strategic consultants, Clay Aurell & Josh Blumer, AB design studio has established a track record of success. 

If you are having trouble finding the right property, we can help you accelerate the process and realize the project of your dreams with confidence.


AB design studio has a proven track record for producing successful results with our clients, land use consultants, real-estate professionals, and jurisdictional agencies. Our Principal-Lead Full-Service studio is backed by decades of experience and well-practiced expertise. We serve our clients with a deep understanding and passion for design-based problem solving. Everything is a design problem - Everything is a design solution! Our niche is everywhere successful people value good design. 

Land Use Approvals & Entitlements - Our proven process ensures an accurate and valuable assessment of each property's highest and best use. Assessing zoning ordinances and understanding local design guidelines with a well-researched analysis of any subject property is essential to every qualitative land use consulting service. So, what makes AB design studio the best choice when your time, project and resources are at stake? The difference is clear, AB design studio Partners, Clay Aurell and Josh Blumer, along with their Associates know that personal connections and lasting relationships based in trust and understanding build bridges and pathways to win hard fought approvals and entitlements. For every jurisdictional government agency or HOA application process there is a winning strategy for an approval. By working directly with the key stakeholders, decision makers and community leaders we ensure your project's success by integrating this practice of personal engagement with the design process itself. Good design is good business! Work with AB design studio to unleash a proven process for creating great design facilitated by swift and effective land use approvals and entitlements. 


AB design studio's Principals work directly with Property Buyers, their advisors, and real-estate teams to facilitate a successful navigation of the purchase and acquisition process. With decades of experience, we evaluate constraints, define opportunities and perform essential due-diligence-based research to reveal the potential of a prospective opportunity. We educate the buyer on multiple levels, including design direction and advisement on the complexity of available entitlement pathways, building codes, local ordinances, and make informed recommendations that provide clarity and confidence to the purchasing process. Our unique design-based consulting services include analysis of business plans, proformas, and personal financial perspectives for immediate and long-term property goals. 

“Often my clients are starting from square one without even having a lot picked out, only general ideas of what they may want to build. I highly recommend working with Clay, Principal Owner of AB design studio. Apart from being able to create and execute beautiful building plans, he is incredibly knowledgeable about the entire process from purchase to permitting; has extensive experience working with all the builders in town; and can basically answer any question or concern you or your client may have related to any building. If you're a REALTOR, he basically sells the land for you! --as long as it can facilitate the client's ultimate building goals. Clay and the AB design studio team do a wonderful job listening to client's preferences and provide realistic guidance on whether the desired outcome can be achieved based on budget, proposed land, and any other goals the client has.”

Kami Love, Residential Realtor - Santa Barbara Brokers

“What appeals to us about building a home is constructing something that reflects our own preferences, nuances, and sensibilities and that hopefully creates a lasting legacy to be enjoyed for years by our family and then by those that live there in the years to come. Specifically, we wanted a structure that had high impact visual appeal, that blended into the landscape, and at a high enough elevation would create the perception when the morning fog rolled in of a 'house in the clouds.' From the house we wanted a diversity of views and vantage points including the ocean, the mountains and the city below. Around the house we wanted a degree of seclusion. We looked at several properties that fit these criteria so, when it came to making a decision, we really needed to understand whether or not what we wanted to do was actually feasible. That is where Clay and his team came in. They performed drone surveys and due diligence pulling all the applicable reports and provided recommendations based on our goals. They even did a very rough preliminary design so we could really envision what was possible. The information they provided allowed us to confidently pull the trigger on a purchase.”

Joe Leveque, Homeowner - AB design studio Client