AB design studio launches a bold, interactive architectural exhibit in partnership with SBCAST.

On Thursday, November 7th, AB design studio launched VECTOR | X-RAY | DATA | PIXEL - Digital Diagrams For A Design Process. The month long installation was third in a four part architectural exhibit by SBCAST entitled, "Come As you Are." Curated by Sam Salhoug, "Come As You Are," features four modern architecture studios based in Santa Barbara. Each participating studio was invited to create a brief through which they show their process and methodology. ShubinDonaldson Architects kicked off the series in September with ARTIFACTS which featured a collection of models, mock-ups and drawings they produced during an ongoing project involving a sensibility of color, material and symmetry. Anacapa Architecture’s October presentation, ARRAYED, was an experience of implied space and fractured solids that frame a myriad of perspectives, Ferguson-Ettinger Architects will complete the series in December. 

VECTOR | X-RAY | DATA | PIXEL, created by our resident Creative Catalyst Josh Blumer and Ultimate Strategist Clay Aurell, draws the curtain back to reveal a bold view into the realm of digital architectural production. This exhibit attempts to immerse us in a point of view rarely seen by non-architects; a lens that focuses us on “that which the architect can see” during a digital design process. Participants experienced content created by AB design studio Designer, Alex Parker in partnership with AB design studio Producer, Simon Feldstein. 

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VECTOR | X-RAY | DATA | PIXEL attempts to immerse participants into the digital design realm using a combination of still images, video and a full VR immersion using an Oculus Rift virtual reality system. All the imagery was based off of actual project schematics and design, representing an honest depiction of our design process. Upon entering, participants are introduced to four 48 x 60 inch prints which capture a snapshot of the design. Printed on ChromaLuxe aluminum, the highest quality available for this type of application, the prints were created using the Dibond printing process using solvent-free, non-toxic anti-UV inks.

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Presented on two large format television screens, the video content produced for the experience depicted a live view of the iterations typical of our design process. In our collaborative environment, team members are encouraged to expand upon ideas set forth in a Principal led process. All ideas are analyzed and the best idea always wins. This process can result in dozens of design interpretations. These videos visually walk the viewer through the iterations in a stunning visual display.

Finally, exhibit patrons were invited to become virtually immersed in one of our projects utilizing an Oculus Rift virtual reality system. Participants literally walked through a virtual experience, blurring the line between the experience and actual time and space. The response to this virtual experience was extremely visceral and the feedback was extraordinary. People literally had to be pulled out of it!


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If you missed our event, and are interested in experiencing more of VECTOR | X-RAY | DATA | PIXEL, stay tuned to our blog as we'll be sharing more content as well as insight into the inspiration for the theme. 

Our thanks go out to Sam Solhaug, curator of SBCAST's Come as You Are, for inviting us to participate in this exciting event. And a special thank you to our event partners: Graphisoft, Epic Games - Twin Motion, Photo Printing Pros, Epic Wine and Spirits and Mission Audio/Video.

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Written by: Christen Amdahl and Josh Blumer

Imagery and Video by: Alex Parker, Danny Loza and Greg Christman



Selected Works


Selected Works


Selected Works