AB design studio

Redefining, expanding and constructing what is possible for people living in a created world.


Team members are elevated as experts in an engaging leadership model that permeates throughout all levels of the studio. This is a place for collaborative leadership.


As a multi-disciplinary firm, AB design studio embraces many voices, delivering projects that go beyond any singular stylistic expression. By encouraging an openness to new ideas, the collaborative studio process—inclusive of staff, partners, and clients—allows projects to independently evolve, embedding deeper meaning into each end result.



AB design studio believes in the future. We believe in our opportunity to make a difference in the world through inspired design.


AB design studio expands the perception of what is possible through architecture. With every project, the firm’s hands-on approach exceeds client expectations by providing a high level of service in a collaborative studio environment. Whether it is evoking the authentic essence of historic buildings and structures through adaptive reuse or creating a new ground-up commercial office space, AB design studio ensures that each project communicates a strong signature design solution for client and community, resulting in a seamless identity among concept, brand, and space.

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"A special nuance I see at ABds, is the focus is really on the PEOPLE, both inside the company and out. With our Projects, the main focus is on the client.... listening and studying them carefully to make sure we're creating something that delivers on all those aspects of the project that is most important to them. Similar with our staff, the focus is on creating a situation for each and every staff member that provides them with the greatest chance to thrive. It's through focusing on the people that our best work presents itself." ERIC BEHR - Principal / Project Manager

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"Starting my post-educational career at AB design studio has been really essential in affirming my place in the professional world. It has taken me way further than I expected to be at this time in my life, allowing me to be an essential component of design within my first year on the job. This has helped me replace fear of the ‘unknown’ with excitement for that I can learn. I am thrilled to be in a job that pushes me to evolve and makes me hopeful for my future as an architect." KARIM BENNIS - Designer / Drafter

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"I've worked at many architectural firms over the decades and ABds has been the most progressive, transparent and cutting edge of any of the firms." GREG CHRISTMAN - Project Architect

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"AB design studio takes every opportunity to create a space for architecture, both for its employees and its clientele. By nature, we as designers are problem solvers and every new project that comes through the door at AB calls for solutions based on creativity at a very high level." ALEX PARKER - Project Captain


"AB is a place where one can work in a great variety of projects which include high levels of design. Furthermore, the environment is great due to the friendly stuff, background music, open studio, snacks and involvement with all aspects of architecture. Finally, the mentorship and the willingness to help you succeed is one crucial aspect of what makes this company great." DANNY LOZA - Designer / Draftperson


"You walk in the doors and there's an instant sense of family here. Everyone is supportive and is working together as a team towards a common goal. The other thing that is special here, is that I'm not stuck doing the same thing every day. I can show up to work on a Monday and be working on a design challenge, and by Thursday be working on another project to progress the Construction Document set. I have never felt pigeonholed and have had the opportunity to work on all phases of the architectural process - which is very rare for someone who is a junior staff member." MYRISSA WOLFE - Project Captain

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"As in any creative design firm, project needs change quickly. What is exciting is how our staff collaborates on design ideas and develops them. We don't care where good ideas come from. Anyone in the office is welcome to participate in design critiques. Egos are put to the side. If an idea is good, we will pursue it. Technology. Through cutting edge software, projects are conceived, generated and enhanced. Design, Design, Design. Never stop. - GLEN DEISLER - Project Manager