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Design Challenge

How did the architects incorporate contemporary appeal to a mid-century modern home while preserving its delicate site conditions, fixtures, and historical details and respecting the original architect’s vision?

Design Solution

Designed by AB design studio, this project was a total remodel of a classic mid-century modern house built in the 1950s by architect Noel Cook. The redesign of the home was driven by the client, who, after an eight-month sabbatical in Scandinavia, gained a further appreciation for classic modern design.

The redesign and total refinishing of the home was an opportunity to celebrate the materials and form of modern architecture, as well as to explore the feasibility of hillside living. The architects updated the original post-and-beam aesthetic with tongue-and-groove ceilings, recreated the entry and walkway, and carefully maintained the original art studio. The new additions of dry stacked stone and fine wood joinery maintain the original spirit of the home while new hardscape elements, modern appliances, and updated glazing systems combine to bring the function of the home up to current expectations. The design also includes custom-designed furniture pieces that complete this collaboration of client, artisan builder, and architect.

Mid-Century Modern is winner of the 2009 Record Houses award

Mid-Century-Modern-Residence-Santa Barbara_Living room and deck with view at sunset@2x-14
Mid-Century-Modern-Residence-Santa-Barbara_Living room with view@2x-15

Project Data

24,315 sf
2,510 sf
$1.25 Million
Santa Barbara, CA
Clay Aurell, AIA
Diana Costea
Josh Blumer, AIA | Karmen Aurell | Diana Costea | Schuyler Bartholomay | Joel Herrera
Nathan Modesette - BOMO Design
Landscape Architect
David Johnson Landscaping | CommonGround
Structural Engineer
Taylor & Syfan
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Kitchen toward front entrance@2x-3
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Kitchen toward deck with view at dusk@2x-4
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Woman walking past entrance from stair landing@2x-18
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara from living room@2x-19
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Master Bath with Soaking Tub@2x-5
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara bathroom soaking tub and shower@2x-22
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Guest bath@2x-23
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Guest Room with Large Window@2x-6
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa BarbaraDetail shot of powder room tile@2x-20
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Powder room@2x-21
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Home office with Large Window@2x-2
Mid-Century-Modern-Residence-Santa-Barbara_Floor Plan 1-2@2x-23
Mid-Century-Modern-Residence-Santa-Barbara_Floor Plan 1-1@2x-23
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_architectural section 3@2x-11-1
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_architectural section 1@2x-10
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_architectural section 4@2x-12
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara facade at twilight@2x-16
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_From patio looking into living area@2x-17
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara_Custom poured concrete water feature at entrace at twilight@2x-14
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa BarbaraCustom poured concrete water feature at front entrance at sunset looking at view@2x-15
Mid-Century-Modern-Resdence-Santa Barbara and lounge chair with view at sunset@2x-13