Shipping Container Architecture | Alternative for Tasting Room Pop Ups

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Shipping Container Architecture | Alternative for Tasting Room Pop Ups

As pioneers of experimental architecture in Santa Barbara, AB design studio architects have facilitated a movement of 'container urbanism' or 'shipping container architecture.' Once an afterthought, repurposed shipping containers have gained momentum as fixtures of urban contemporary architecture. With the growth of urbanism outweighing the pace and difficulty of new construction, many are turning to an architectural counterpart to traditional design-build and ABds has masterly crafted a solution to impacted building development.

ABds created ME:OU, Modular Expandable: Office Unit, based on a concept of providing an efficient and cost effective modular space to solve the needs of one individual or a group of people. The container tasting room build-out is enticing, unique and provides a one-of-a-kind tasting experience, seamlessly coordinated with a wine label's brand. These tasting rooms are perfect examples of how usable space can be forged with retired cargo containers to creatively re-assess what the built environment can provide for its participants. We believe successful solutions are communicative, tangible and visible. We believe in solving solutions and creating opportunity through design.

We work hard to stay at the forefront of what is possible, using systems and materials that are sustainable, environmentally responsible and innovative. As global environmental concerns increase, it is imperative that design professionals and their clients combine efforts to ensure that the built environment can sustain the future for which it is intended. AB design studio approaches each project working toward solutions that are environmentally responsible. We focus on local and global standards that address green architecture, sustainability, adaptive re-use and other techniques that allow for quality built environments.

We seek out, manage and combine the elements of our client's programs, budgets and design intentions with today's innovative technologies, smart designs and simple common sense building practices. Early techniques like day lighting and natural ventilation can combine with a wide array of readily available modern technologies to produce smart, efficient, budget conscience and sustainable buildings.

By environmentally responsible we mean products and methods that are not only green, but also have a lasting positive impact on the surrounding environment. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle are common concepts found in today's marketplace. Designing buildings and creating interiors that utilize these concepts in effective and creative ways can result in by-products that far outshine the simplicity of the materials used and assembled to express them.

AB design studio is committed to creating sustainable and functional architecture that promotes a well-designed, rich and valued experience for its users now and into the future. And with a history of serving the hospitality and winery communities, ABds has crafted a solution to both space and branding challenges by offering a highly personalized and sustainable solution for tasting room design.