What’s next for experimental design- container urbanism?

What’s next for experimental design- container urbanism?

AB design studio is consistently redefining the perception of what is possible for people and the community through architecture and design. The studio manages a collaborative process for ideas and concepts to create beautiful and inspiring spaces that enhance quality of life. With a high value placed on creativity and a rigorous process of problem solving, ABds was founded on the belief in the opportunity to initiate change through design.

Founders Clay Aurell and John Blumer are responsible for strategic thought leadership, explorative context-based designs, and emotive architecture. As pioneers of experimental architecture in Santa Barbara, these architects have facilitated a movement of container urbanism. Once an afterthought, repurposed shipping containers have gained momentum as fixtures of urban contemporary architecture. With the growth of urbanism outweighing the pace and difficulty of new construction, many are turning to an architectural counterpart to traditional design-build and ABds has masterly crafted a solution to impacted housing and retail + office development.

ABds created ME:OU, Modular Expandable: Office Unit, based on a concept of providing an efficient and cost effective modular space to solve the needs of one individual or an entire team of people. ME:OU has been designed for modularity and expandability by using the Intermodal Steel Building Units (ISBU’s). The different arrangements and modifications allows for the interior of the spaces to be configured and used in a variety plans and sizes.

ME:OU is designed for adaptability as well as assembly and disassembly. For instance, an owner might purchase the standard two-container CUBE_1 solution for an office type use. As the business grows or the operations intensify, so can the office unit. Each unit is designed to be a continuation of the next. Expanding the unit or creating a small campus of units is simple and effective. There could seemingly be no end to how many uses and configurations one could create.

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