Modern Cottage Design

AB design studio's Modern Cottage just completed construction ...and we have photos to share! Clay Aurell & Josh Blumer, co-owner's of AB design studio Architecture Firm celebrate the completion of a new modern residence in Santa Barbara.


The photos of AB design studio inc.‘s Modern Cottage have just come out! This property has been a long time coming. With the exception of garden and a front fence, the house is finally finished. We wanted to get these photos of the building itself before the beautiful landscape is put in so we could show you what is underneath. 

Modern Cottage Design


Our client's goal was to transform her modest little 1920's cottage into a modern home that is consistent with her family’s long interest in modernism and modern art. As a local gallery owner and community supporter, she wanted a home that reflects her own passion for modern art. The owner also desires a simple home with modern styling to support her artistic impulses and create a modest and comfortable living for her, her two children and her parents.

The design responds to the site, the views and to the tight constraints of the 5,000SF corner lot. The solution concentrates on interior and exterior spaces that are functional without excess. Keeping it small and providing adequate common space helps the family co-exist in comfortable proximity with enough space to allow for privacy.

Modern Cottage Design
Modern Cottage Design

Dec 18, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
Karmen Aurell

So many people have dreams of living in a home that truly represents who they are and their passions while supporting the practical needs of their family. We all deserve to live free and self-expressed and at the end of the day, come home to a space that lights us up. I am so happy for our client - she lives this dream!

Dec 25, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
clay aurell

it was such a pleasure to design this house for our client. she is an amazing woman who deserves this amazing home. we are very proud to see it completed and see her enjoy it.

the design was executed very well and it was worth the headaches. i am proud to have such a cool home in such a unique part of santa barbara.

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