AB design studio Featured in Contemporary Arts Forum Gallery

Design professionals selected winning designers in Contemporary Arts Forum Gallery.

A panel of leading design professionals led by renowned architect and organizing curator Michael Porter selected winning designers and firms for the Bellwether gallery. The Jury reviewed a strong and diverse group of submissions from the Tri-County area which addressed issues ranging from sustainability, to fashion and popular culture. Porter stated that, "The analysis and dialog with the jury yielded a selection of firms, individuals, and collaboratives, which reflect the best design our region has to offer." The convergence of art and design with the politically correct "reduce, recycle, reuse" is what made this show a unique place for the public to see how architects are shaping the future.

AB design studio Featured in Contemporary Arts Forum Gallery

AB design studio featured a wide range of projects, specifically Sugarbug Dental Office - a child's dental care center that features many green building elements. 

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