Discover Workzones! A Co-Working Club

Workzones in Santa Barbara

A unique new office space concept has come to Santa Barbara.

Workzone is a new form of workspace that has never been seen in Santa Barbara before. Aimed toward small businesses and entrepreneurs, this office works in the same concept as a gym membership. Professionals can sign up for a monthly membership or individual visits and have access to everything they would have at your typical office. The space its self is reminiscent of a college library with no books where people can get work done and hold meetings.

Designed by AB Design Studio inc. this office is perfect for group events, of the professional nature, and has spaces for all aspects of the business world. Workzone is equipped with common areas, privacy “nooks”, meeting rooms, conference rooms, board rooms, smart TVs and the most extravagant coffee machine I have ever seen. 

I would be surprised if you don’t see our very own principals, Clay Aurell and Josh Blumber, hanging out there attempting to get some work done. I would be very surprised if Workzones doesn’t become the new office norm, in this society where so many people have started going to work for themselves.


Dec 25, 2013 Arrow1 Down Reply
clay aurell

very cool way to spend some time "catching up" on email, work, etc. go check it out and enjoy the peace and quiet!

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